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Advanced materials and sensors for analyte detection

At Nanodevice, we design, prototype, and manufacture advanced sensors for analyte detection, and integrate these sensors into microfluidic chips for various applications in agriculture, food, environment, wearables, biomedical, and consumer electronics.

Our Services

Bio-FET sensor design, integration, testing, and manufacturing

Nanodevice provides comprehensive solutions for Bio-FET sensors, which includes design, integration, testing, and manufacturing. Our expertise ensures the development of high-performance sensors tailored to meet the needs and requirements of specific applications.

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Assay verification and validation

We verify and validate assays, ensuring they meet target product profiles, performance standards, and scalability requirements through comprehensive data verification and repeatability testing. Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Analytical testing
  • Assay characterization
  • Workflow development and implementation
  • Assay integration into microfluidic chip
  • Optimization
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Cartridge design and prototyping

We design and rapidly prototype cartridges, considering critical features, materials, detection modalities, and production methods to create efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly solutions. Our capabilities in this area include:

  • Microfluidic chip design
  • Parts production
  • Cartridge assembly
  • Test jig development
  • RNA purification and extraction
  • Nano-micro encapsulation
  • Microfluidic wearable sensors
  • Electrochemical, FET, and smart sensor sensor chips
  • Thin films, PCB, glass, polymer substrate integrations
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Instrument development

We develop precise instruments, focusing on architecture, connectivity, and form factor, while addressing technical risks and ensuring scalability and cost-efficiency for real-world applications. Our capabilities in this area include:

  • System integration
  • Handheld readers
  • Low cost optical detectors
  • Integrated optical and fluidic actuation
  • Multi-wavelength fluorescence detection
  • Optical detection
  • Microfluidic controllers
  • Laboratory/assay automation
  • Quality control
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Scale-up manufacturing, production, and end-of-line evaluation

Nanodevice provides scale-up manufacturing and production services, along with end-of-line evaluation and process improvement. We leverage our network of partners to ensure efficient production, rigorous quality control, and adherence to industry standards and client requirements.

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Applications of Microfluidics and Sensor Technologies

Advanced sensors and microfluidics are crucial for modern technology, as they enable precise monitoring in fields like agriculture, healthcare, and environmental science. These detection technologies enhance sensitivity and specificity, which provide innovative solutions to critical challenges.


Advanced Materials and Sensor Technologies

We specialize in the design, integration, and manufacturing of cutting-edge sensors and microfluidic systems for a wide range of applications. Our expertise spans multiple advanced technologies, including:


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